How it works

What's the process?

Put your event criteria into our search fields and find a package that suits your needs. Don’t worry if not exactly right; it’s a good starting point, and we can iron out the details in the booking process.

If none of these fit your demands, why not head to our Bespoke Planning Services?

Fill in your contact, event date and a rough outline of your event, adding in any special requirements you may have.

Soundfangled confirms availability on those dates and sends you an event information sheet.

Fill in our event information sheet, and we will liaise if you have special requirements or need special attention on the form (like stairs into the venue or access to power).

Once we have refined your booking, we will work out the payment options.

Please view the T&Cs for payments.

Sit back, have a brew (or a beer we don’t judge) and relaaaax.

Before Soundfangled

The event equipment industry is fragmented. Often there are no prices and no instant access to comparison. Making your event more expensive if you say secret words like ‘wedding’ and prices double.

After Soundfangled

Soundfangled has a team of AV engineers, live sound gurus, equipment wizards and top legends. We have already worked out many of the necessary equipment packages, services and things. So you can cut through the noise with our simple website.

Ben & Trishna Story

Ben & Trishna came to Soundfangled feeling exhausted, many sites had confusing information which simply didn’t make sense to them. They also had special requirements, they wanted a Mandip (Hindu Wedding Structure) built and didn’t know where to turn. After being quoted a range of prices from the curious (£<) to the crazy (£££>), they surely were lost.

Luckily they contacted Soundfangled, and one of our creative representatives helped them with a package to sort out most of their requirements (speeches and dancing). It was up to them then how much they wanted to spend; if they wanted a basic, standard or premium setup. As for the Mandip, they used our bespoke planning services, and we used one of our affiliate carpenters’ to design and build it. We built this out of some 8×4 staging, bamboo poles, traditional bamboo knots (to make it look pretty), Uplighter LEDs and a bunch of wildflowers.


““We used Soundfangled for our wedding back in 2019 and what a great decision we made! It was a Indian-English fusion wedding with a lot going on. They went above and beyond to try and understand what we needed on the day. We hired all the audio tech and some staging too. All the equipment was of high quality and the service was amazing too- they even built us a custom-made mandap (an arch-like structure with pillars for Hindu weddings) which made our special day extra special! Thank you, Soundfangled!” ”