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Building the Hennessy Stage at We Out Here Festival: A Practical Approach

Constructing a festival stage involves a mix of creativity, engineering, and technology. The Hennessy stage at We Out Here Festival was no exception. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of creating a successful stage, focusing on practical aspects and key components.

The Foundation: 22m Geodome Festival Tent Structure

The festival organisers chose a 22m geodome festival structure for its unique design. While visually striking, the dome’s shape presented acoustic challenges, particularly in sound reflections and the resulting interference.

Triangle Sound Panels: Tackling Acoustic Issues

To address sound issues, we created triangle sound panels using rock wool and acoustic transparent material. These panels were strategically placed to absorb and diffuse sound reflections, enhancing the overall auditory experience while adding a visual touch to the geodome’s interior. The reason we opted for a triangle in shape is because the Geodome’s internal bracing naturally creates triangle cross sections.

TWAudio Soundsystem: Optimizing Sound

The TWAudio Soundsystem was our choice for a powerful audio experience. The T20 point source speakers were hung from anchor points for optimal sound dispersion. The subs’ cardioid configuration ensured effective sound rejection from the rear, preventing unwanted phase issues, creating a performance area with controlled bass and generally a clean audio environment.

Midas M32 Mixing Desk and Full Audio Production Pack: Handling Audio Control

We chose a Midas M32 mixing desk to take centre stage, providing an intuitive interface for live sound mixing. Engineers of all levels are confident with this board, which made sense with so many guest technicians. Paired with a complete audio production pack, including quality microphones and processing equipment, we had the tools to deliver a top-notch audio experience.

The Grand Finale: Success Achieved

Our strategic approach, combining effective acoustic treatment and advanced sound technology, resulted in a stage that met and exceeded expectations. The Hennessy stage at We Out Here Festival became a reliable sonic space, allowing music enthusiasts to enjoy a high-quality audio experience.


Building a festival stage is a blend of practicality and skill. From addressing acoustic challenges to deploying advanced audio technology, our journey in constructing the Hennessy stage at We Out Here Festival showcased a commitment to delivering a successful and immersive experience. As the music played within the geodome, it was evident that our stage not only met the technical requirements but also created a lasting impact on the festival atmosphere.