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Five Things To Think About When Booking A Band?

Booking your favourite band might, to some people feel a little overwhelming. To others, maybe not so, but why do some people not get so worried about this? Well, there may be many reasons why. But listed below are five things to think about to take the load off.

Ask for their technical specification.

One of the first things you should ask your band when booking and before paying is to provide you with their technical specifications. This is a document the band provide to let you know all kind of details, including channel count, stage plan, band member’s names and positions within the band, what equipment they will provide and what equipment you are required to book.

Rider and any contractual agreements

Another key piece of information you need to work out before paying any deposits is what the band require as part of their performance contract. Are you in charge of their accommodation and travel expenses; do they require a thousand brown M&M’s? Most bands have simple requirements, but here is a key detail in whether the band is cool or a little hard work.

Who is providing the equipment?

The sound system is the bedrock of any banging party, and you need to know that if the band are bringing the PA, is it up to the standard? One thing to check out is brands. Top brands include d&b audiotechnik. L’acoustic,  Martin Audio, TWAudio, Void and KV2. Sound systems that lack a little would include Mackie, Yamaha, and RCF. They aren’t terrible, but they aren’t top systems. Also, how long will they be there? Will you be hiring another system anyway, before in the contract, they need to leave straight after there set?

Are they bringing a sound engineer?

As a generalisation (which you should never really do), many bands now, normally within the function band circle, will purchase cheaper alternative sound systems and try to save costs by doing the sound themselves. This is far from ideal; the whole job of a sound engineer is to take the pressure off the band and give the audience maximum enjoyment by creating the best vibe possible. This is an important part of any event and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Will they reduce their price to exclude the sound system if you hire your own?

I suppose this is important because if their price includes a system, it will be easier to travel to the show without it. Would they reduce the cost if you provided your own sound system,