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Bespoke Wedding at Wasing Park, Reading.

At the end of 2021, the bride’s father, a Romanian gentleman found Soundfangled online and opted for a bespoke service for his daughter’s wedding at Wasing Park; in this blog, we will review what we were asked to do and what services were provided.

Wasing Park Venue Details

Wasing Estate,




The Brief

The client started with a simple brief, with which he added other elements. He wanted to transport a Romanian band from Europe so the UK ceremony could contain a key element of their culture. This involved several different components: liaising with the band to determine their requirements. Provide all this equipment, including a to-specification sound system,  lights, backline (band amps and instruments), and In-Ear Monitoring Systems. We were also asked to sort out all the band transport to and from the airport, ground transport for the guests and accommodation for the artists. One of the main tasks he needed was Public Liability Insurance for all the musicians from Romania, which we outsourced to our insurance broker. As well as all of these tasks, we provided On-the-day logistics, itineraries and support.

L’Acoustic Sound System

The band were very particular and wanted a well-known brand that could reach an SPL (sound pressure level) of at least 100db in all audience area. Due to the size of the venue, we didn’t need many speakers to deliver this kind of SPL. We chose the L’acoustic short throw series, the two X12 loudspeakers with two SB15m power by an LA8 Amplifier. We used a Dlive c1500 and CDM32 for the mixing desk, this allowed their engineer to mix with the iPad in the audience.