Train As A Freelance Audio Visual Technician

Fancy earning £275 per day as a freelance breakout technician? Why not join our course?

Since Covid, numerous engineers have exited the events industry for various reasons. This has resulted in event companies panicking and mass job availability. If you are interested in sound production, audio engineering and general AV and have basic technical knowledge, i.e. you’re a musician in a function band, music producer, promoter, film editor, or camera operator. In that case, this course is for you.

Skills required so you can access the course:

  • Understanding basic mixing principles
  • Strong problem-solving abilities
  • A grasp of digital audio workstations (DAW), i.e. Ableton, Pro Tools, Logic Pro
  • Being used to setting up sound systems
  • Understanding of cables and music equipment

The course we are offering is designed to train you as a breakout technician to be confident in all the roles within the area of the industry, which has a lot of job opportunities. This will be a highly practical skills-based learning experience, focusing on using the equipment needed to operate a conference breakout space. This will be done via a hands-on approach where you can access the equipment throughout the week.

Working in a small class, this is what you will be getting up to:

  • Cabling and Stagecraft Skills
  • Radio Frequency Introduction
  • Digital Mixer Overview
  • Switcher Experience
  • Routing Basic
  • EQ a Room
  • How to apply for jobs

Setting up of:

  • Mixer
  • Sound Systems
  • Microphones
  • Presentation System

By the end of the week, you will have the confidence to go out and apply for jobs which could earn you £275 a day. As the course will cost £1500, which can be broken down into smaller payments, it will take less than six working days before you have made your money back.

This exciting opportunity will be taking place in Brighton. If you are still interested, then get in contact!